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[:en]It’s finally here. You’ve seen it at #LightningHackday‘s and worn by some of the top crypto influencers in the world! Now that it’s no longer #Reckless to use the Lightning Network, you can have a #Reckless hat of your very own! This is the white version of the #Reckless hat and is Samson’s Vision. The white material should stay white, so you don’t need to worry about removing it from the packaging. A black version of the #Reckless hat was created as a compromise with Adam Back in order to avert civil war in a hat community divided between black and white hats.


– Embroidered #Reckless logo on the front
– Premium metal snap closure
– The lightning bolt on the front is made with a reflective material so you can shine in the right lighting
– Bitcoin logo on the left side and lightning bolt on the right side
– Wumbo[:zh]终于来了。 这就是在#LightningHackday亮相的那顶帽子,也正是全世界众多加密货币圈大佬都在戴的帽子! 现在使用闪电网络将不再是件#Reckless的事情,你也可以拥有一顶属于自己的#Reckless帽子! 这是白色款的#Reckless帽子,也是Samson的想法。 白色面料真的很耐脏,尽管拆封拿出来随便戴。 为了避免黑色帽子党和白色帽子党冲突,我们还和Adam Back一起制作了一款黑色版的#Reckless帽子。


– 正前方的刺绣#Reckless标志
– 高级金属封口按扣
– 前面的闪电标志是用反光材料制作而成的,在合适的光线角度下会反光。
– 左侧的比特币标志和右侧的闪电标志
– 真香

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