F*ck You Money Mug


What started initially as a conceptual design of a Bitcoin Coffee Mug has now become reality. You asked for it; we made it for you. The official “Bitcoin is F*ck You Money Mug” is brought to you through a collaboration between the @Excellion Hat Studio and the @BitcoinMemeHub Meme Studio.

But hold on, what does “Bitcoin is F*ck You Money” even mean, you might wonder? Well, Bitcoin is voluntary and uncontrollable, making it a very special kind of money. It’s money outside of the traditional financial system. It’s money that can’t be seized. It’s money that nobody can prevent you from sending to wherever or whoever the f*ck you want. It’s money without a master. Bitcoin is the ultimate “f*ck-you money.”


– Black ceramic mug
– One side features the text “BITCOIN IS F*CK YOU MONEY”
– Opposite side features a white Bitcoin logo
– The bottom of the mug features a graphic depicting a middle finger
– If you’re right handed, people will see the Bitcoin logo and then the middle finger on the bottom when you take a drink

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