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[:en]Blockstream spies are everywhere it seems. It’s probably better to ask who isn’t a spy. No one will suspect you of being a Blockstream Spy while wearing this hat, because no spy would wear a hat that says “Spy” in big bold white letters. Now you can sneak around undetected and gather intelligence on big blockers so we can keep them from successfully scaling Bitcoin with Gigameg blocks. Make sure to submit your weekly reports on time.


– Injection-moulded rubber badge on the front that reads “Blockstream Spy”
– Premium metal snap closure
– Embedded communicator to talk to fellow spies
– Unique mesh material under the brim which represents the network of spies
– +10 to stealth[:zh]Blockstream 的间谍似乎无处不在,现在问题变成了到底才不是一个间谍。 带上这顶帽子就没人会怀疑你了,因为真正的间谍是不会戴“间谍”帽子的。 现在你可以 悄无声息地四处活动, 阻止那些big blockers使用Gigameg区块对比特币进行扩容。对了,记得要准时提交你每周的报告哦。


– 注塑成型的胶质徽章“Blockstream Spy”
– 高级金属封口按扣
– 内置通讯器,可以和其他间谍通话
– 帽檐下的特殊网状材料就是Blockstream的间谍网络
– 戴上帽子后隐身能力+10[:]

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