Arise, Phoenix Den Hat!

The Phoenix Den hat is the silver to the Dragons’ Den hat’s gold. Does that even make sense? The Phoenix Den hat had humble beginnings when Charlie Lee first signed a Hat Agreement with Samson Mow.

The Phoenix Den hat took a very long time to design as we spent a lot of time on the details. To pay homage to Litecoin, it’s made with a gray-silver polyester material which appears completely silver on one side. When you look under the brim of the hat, as well as inside the hat, you’ll see it’s silver. Even naming the hat took a while, with Charlie Lee polling fans on whether it should be called the “Phoenix Den” hat, or “Phoenixes Den” hat. Consensus was reached and the Phoenix Den hat became a reality.

Overall, this is a very sharp looking hat that embodies the evolved form of Chikun. Become one with the Chikun today!