ETH down vs BTC (in addition to being off 50% it’s ATH USD).

Moreover, ETH never came close to its 2017 ATH vs BTC (ETHBTC), which is especially interesting given the effort that went into this cycle: EIP-1559, NFTs, DeFi casino, PoW FUD and anti-BTC lobbying in DC, etc.

@side_swap P2P market for @Blockstream's BMN-1 is pretty cool. Very innovative way to gain alternative exposure to commercial grade bitcoin mining infrastructure and operations without owning PubCo stonks. Kudos @adam3us and @Excellion.

@raypaxful @Excellion Honest money incentivizes good manners. That's the cherry on top.

Fix the money,
Fix the incentives,
Fix the world.

When humanity can trade the value of their work freely then we are all united. Honest money and good manners are all that is needed. #bitcoin is the pro human solution to an anti human narrative.

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