Crypto futures exchange BTSE is looking to raise $50 million via a sale for a native exchange token based on Blockstream’s Bitcoin sidechain, the Liquid Network

"@Blockstream’s Liquid is paving the way for innovation in this domain, bringing to life one of the first sidechains and establishing a blueprint for future second-layer solutions."

BTSE CEO @BTSEJonathan on why BTSE is a #LiquidNetwork launch member:

"The #LiquidNetwork satisfies the modern demand for tokens & assets, with Issued Assets native to the chain, & without any meta layers. Issued Assets also benefit from #ConfidentialTransactions making it the only fully fungible token platform available."

Register now to join @Blockstream VP of Product Allen Piscitello for a live webinar this Thursday, December 12th, at 19:00 UTC on #stablecoin platforms and technology such as #ERC20 and #Omni, and how they compare to the #LiquidNetwork. 🌊💵

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