Ethereum's governance isn't messy at all. It is very transparent
- 3 guys decide on the monetary policy
- Eth Foundation coordinate attacks (DAO "whitehat hacker") and dumps (ETC
- One guy tells exchanges to stop all $ETH trading.

Some news: I've joined @blockstream!

I'm pretty excited to contribute to Bitcoin through their incredible product suite, research, and hat collection.

.@AndrewYang: “Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have quickly grown to represent a large amount of value and economic activity—outstripping government’s response”

Comments from @cz_binance and @Excellion
#crypto #YangGang #Yang2020

"We are implementing a crypto asset purely as a crypto asset so nothing is done on-chain, because that is not a scalable method." - @Excellion on how we do crypto gaming differently with @infinitefleet

Watch the interview from #BlockShow (at 6:00:00):

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