Great discussion.
Spoiler: there is no "war", they (Liquid, Lightning, State Chains) can all suit different use cases, are complimentary, and benefit #Bitcoin)... and a surprisingly workable format with just a browser, keyboard and mouse @magicalcrypto

First time I try Bitcoin VR conference without the headset (@magicalcrypto ) that's awesome. Make me want to buy a headset. Zoom meeting can be made obsolete! :p

Woohoo! It's begun!

If you're at #MCCVR2020, come check out the glorious STOKR island! And don't forget to ask our team about the special bonus offer we have going on! 😉🤫🏝

@magicalcrypto @TobiasSeidl @Arnab_Naskarr

From today's Ethereum panel: "database sharding is a common challenge in the realm of computer science; so much so that the @magicalcrypto Conference is dealing with sharding issues today. But surely Ethereum 2.0 will solve sharding."

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