Wonder which the nocoiner msm reports! The spike or the not-even-a-dip. No coiner news every time, for half a decade while bitcoin "fails" upwards. Probably still at $100k they will be doing it.

The #BlockstreamStore Megabundle just got one-upped. Introducing the Hardware #GigaChad Bundle. 4 top-notch Blockstream-branded hardware wallets (from Ledger, Trezor, Bitbox, and Coldcard) w/ 4 #BlockstreamMetal's. It's a digital fortress in a box. ⚡️🏰🔐

The team puts alot of ❤️ into our ships. We want our players to enjoy every detail of them in and out of battle in Alpha. Really proud of the @Pixelmatic team. 🚀

In Infinite Fleet, we offer players the option to play with both the immersive and cinematic third-person action camera and the tactical RTS-style strategy camera, and easily interchange between the two.

Note: screenshots are #WIP/early development.

#madewithunity #gamedev


1) I am not really that interested in most 'blockchain games', however, I do believe that we will have AAA quality games with blockchain-based elements, in-game currencies, NFTs, player/community-owned economies, etc.

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