Blockstream CEO Dr. @adam3us was recently on the @CitizenBitcoin podcast discussing #cypherpunk history, privacy in #Bitcoin, Bitcoin's past and future, and the state of Bitcoin technology. 🌊⚡️🛰️

This. It's good that people are adapting and learning, some things are counter-intuitive. Effectively they are learning first-hand, by seeing the warned of centralization side-effects predictably play out and that it was in their interests to not buy into BCH (even beyond losses)

Cashless government money is no reason to celebrate.

Cashless, borderless, permissionless, uncensorable money is what we’re here for.


Commanders, the time has come.

We are ready to indoctrinate you with the #lore of the United Sol Federation.

Introducing the first Issue of the USF Chronicles - "Savior." Read the action-packed tale here 👉

#gamedev #scifi #action

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