ICYMI: We released Part 2 of the USF Chronicles - the #backstory of Infinite Fleet. The mysterious woman called Tanaka, rescued from the planet of Vilnia, is now aboard the USF Shiva mothership, #warp travelling towards #Mars.

To convert BTC into L-BTC, simply

1. paste your L-BTC address in the address field ✔️
2. click START ↔️
3. Send BTC to the address shown ₿
4. Have some tea ☕
5. Receive L-BTC 💧

You pay only the miner fee! 🎉

Nintendo: donates 9,500 masks to US

Taiwan: donates 100,000 masks per week to US

UN: donates 250,000 masks to US

Jack Ma: donates 1,000,000 masks to US

US: orders company that makes masks to stop exporting masks to other countries

Thanks @udiWertheimer for hosting the panel with @magicalcrypto in this week's #Bitcoin VR Meetup! We had a lot of fun and hope you guys did too! 🦁🐔🐴🐼

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